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Re-bore or getting your cylinder detailed is another way to make your engine run stronger with pristine original enhanced appearance.

For the none re-bore stander cylinder, please make sure you inspect your own cylinder before sending it to get detailed. Turn around will be 2 weeks the most. We will bean blast clean the cylinder and paint with it with high heat semi gloss; black. Please see pictures reference above, we can also zinc plate the cylinder bolts and washer if you send them along with the cylinder.


Standard cylnder, detail and zicn plate bolts and washer


Detail only LT1, LT2,LT3         $ 125.00


                 AT1, AT2, AT3        $ 125.00


                 CT1, CT2,CT3       $ 140.00


                 DT1, DT2,Dt3        $ 150.00


                 RT1, RT2, RT3      $ 150.00



Re-bore cylinder, detail and zinc plate bolts and washers


Note: Fore re-bore cylinder, please send us the cylinder along with the new oversize piston, without the new piston we cannot re-bore your cylinder.



                 LT1, LT2,LT3         $ 140.00


                 AT1, AT2, AT3        $ 140.00


                 CT1, CT2,CT3       $ 155.00


                 DT1, DT2,Dt3        $ 165.00


                 RT1, RT2, RT3      $ 165.00


Cylinder new sleeves: We are not just building our 2 wheelers for deceiving looks. We also believe in performance. We want our bikes to runs smooth and brand new as well. Due to limited oversize pistons sometimes we have to re-sleeve the cylinder for maximum performance.


                  LT1, LT2,LT3         $ 440.00


                 AT1, AT2, AT3        $ 440.00


                 CT1, CT2,CT3       $ 455.00


                 DT1, DT2,Dt3        $ 465.00


                 RT1, RT2, RT3      $ 565.00








Transmission rebuilding


Everyone should understand and know that the original Yamaha cases were aluminum cast. We found the solution to clean it up with vapor blasting, it is the best way to clean it up and bring back the shinny looks. We split the cases and inspect the rod pre-play, all the bearings, gears, clips, shift forks, seals etc. The common thing we always replaced are all the bearings, clips, washers, kick start gear and seals.




Labor to open and inspect gears, bearings and seals etc.

Parts are not included



                 LT1, LT2,LT3         $ 500.00


                 AT1, AT2, AT3        $ 500.00


                 CT1, CT2,CT3       $ 500.00


                 DT1, DT2,Dt3        $ 650.00


                 RT1, RT2, RT3      $ 650.00

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