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1976 and 1977 XT500 speedometer and tachometer, restoration service of hard-to-find gauges.
These will bring up the value of your XT500, newly refurbished tachometer and speedometer high quality. They are perfect for showrooms, museums, or pristine restoration. The product features the original face plates, original needles and odometer numbers. We've oiled all gears inside, new rubber seals, installed new glass, striped the cups, primered and painted with Yamaha black and applied two clear coats. We used the Yamaha special tools to open and close the gauges, OEM, and NOS appearances. We guarantee it will make your bike tachometer and speedometer look like new again.


Attention: this is a  restoration service for all the XT500 and these gauges are not for sale, they are display and sample only. For serious customer please contact us.
These gauges are only for all the 1976 and 1977 TX500 enduro only. We also refurbish these gauges for our customers.

YAMAHA XT500 Enduro Tachometer and Speedometer, RESTORATION SERVICE

  • Remanufactured: A properly rebuilt automotive part. The item has been completely disassembled, cleaned, and examined for wear and breakage. Worn out, missing or non-functioning components have been replaced with new or rebuilt components. It is the functional equivalent of a new part and is virtually indistinguishable from a new part. See the seller’s listing for full details.

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