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1971 Yamaha Rt1 360 enduro speedometer and tachometer. We are now offering refurbished tachometer and speedometer newly high quality chromed. These are the one that is hard to find and we have  them for you. Perfect for showroom or pristine restoration. We are able to manufactured the old plates, rubbers, glasses , grip lock rings etc. Our materials have 100 uv protection against fading. OEM, NOS appearances. Guarantee it will make your bike tachometer and speedometer look new again. What you see on the pictures are what you will be getting. Our shop will apply hard high quality chrome on both cluster/ housing and re set speedometer to 0 miles. We will test both tach and speedometer before shipping  to ensure it will be working properly. we only have limited in stock

These gauges have 2 years and 5k miles warranty mechanically.


Note: We are willing to give you a credit on your non working gauges. neglected, faded etc.



Q. Hi, I just bought a 1971 RT1 360 and when I did some research, I found out that it has different gauges. Can you give me credit on them after I purchased your gauges?

A. Yes, we can give you a credit, we will examine the condition of the gauges to determime how much credit you will get.

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