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This restoration is mainly for motorcycles with good tin paint, some minor dents and good paint on the frame. If your bike is a sight for sore eyes because of all the neglected bolts and rusty hardware, then we have the proper solution. We can make your ride look brand new again and protect your investment. Zinc plating all the hardware including spokes will bring back the life of your motorcycle again. For only $3300, we can make your classic bike look like new again.


  Below are the services:

  1. Disassemble bike

  2. Clean the frame and swing arm

  3. Clean all electrical wires

  4. Disassemble and assemble both wheels

  5. New cables and new electrical wire covers

  6. Re-build horn

  7. Dent repair

  8. Polish hubs, plates, front forks and engine covers

  9. Re-build front forks

  10. Seal engine and clean it with our vapor blasting

  11. Re-shape and paint cylinder with high heat gloss paint (optional)

  12. Assemble the bike

  13. Refurbish gauges, speedometer and tachometer

  14. This service is only for 1968 to 1973 dt1, dt2, dt3, rt1, rt2, rt3

Samples of Stage 3 Restoration



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